About Sydney Aldridge

Sydney has been working in casting since 2015. Starting her journey as a casting assistant at Beach Casting and later moving on to work with Rose Wicksteed, Anna McAuley and most recently, Sasha Robertson.

In 2017, Sydney started casting independently working primarily with director, Alex Pearson for The Rose Theatre and Alex Pearson Productions.

Sydney is the in-house casting director for Red Rose Chain; working on productions such as Much Ado About Nothing, Private Lives, Romeo & Juliet and most recently, Twelfth Night.

Sydney’s film work includes short films directed by Nicole Pott, Cameron Turnball, James Arden and Idris Fassasi.



Coming from an acting background, Sydney understands the importance of receiving feedback and being made aware about an unsuccessful audition as soon as possible. Sydney will always let people know if they have been unsuccessful in getting the job.

Sydney also prides herself on working with companies that are paying their actors at National Minimum Wage and above.