Currently Casting

Sydney is currently working with Mark Heywood at Ink Jockey to cast series two of the audio drama, End of The Line. This podcast tells 12 stories with the same theme: women who do not want children.

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2020 seems to be the year of film for Sydney Aldridge Casting! Sydney is working with director, Nicole Pott for the third time! This will be Nicole’s second feature film called Obsession.

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Sydney is delighted to be working with Chris Hallas on his debut feature film, Crimson Phoenix: Out of the Ashes. The team are already building an exciting cast for this.

Sydney is also working with Simon Cox for the first time on his sci-fi feature film, Of Infinite Worlds. This is Sydney’s first sci-fi casting project and she is very excited to build this cast over the next few months.

In the mean time, Sydney is happy to receive an introduction to yourself and your work to bear in mind for future projects.

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